Compost Tea Sprayers

Designed specifically for applying compost tea, liquid extracts and organic applications, our professional sprayers are perfect for the organic land care practitioner. Cleaning is fast and simple with readily accessible, over-sized plumbing requiring no special tools to access. Diaphragm pumps and agitation systems ensure that microbes are gently but evenly distributed throughout the spray tank. All 90 degree fittings are gradually angled. Strainers are much larger than conventional sprayers and are specially sized to allow larger microbes to pass through, but still effectively filter out larger particulate matter which can clog valves, nozzles and reduce the diaphragm life.

A number of custom options are available to suite your needs, such as modular nurse tanks in several sizes, boomless sprayers, full drain options, spray guns, root feeders, tank aerators, dual hose reels and larger capacity diaphragm pumps. Compostwerks carries an extensive inventory of replacement parts and accessories.

We want to emphasize that our sprayers are designed by people who have direct and practical experience in making and applying compost tea. We use the equipment that we sell while performing organic land care applications. Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular application.