Running a profitable small farm with sustainable practices can be a daunting challenge. Compostwerks is here to help you. The good news is that there is a tremendous demand for locally produced organic produce.
With the right soil biology in place, you will be able to mineralize nutrients which are otherwise unavailable you your plants. This will save you time and money on fertilizer inputs and potentially reduce insect and disease pressures associated with monoculture crops. Compost tea is an important component to introduce beneficial biology into your system. We will work with you to select the proper equipment and soil amendments specific to your needs.

Greenhouse Lettuce Grown Without Fertilizer, Compost ONLY

Click on the tabs below to see all of the ways we can help you with your organic farming operation.

Consulting Support

  • Crop and Cultivar Selection
  • Planting and harvesting logistics
  • Soil remediation and amendments
  • Rotation and cover crops
  • Creating diversity in your operation

Compost Production Support

  • Substrate sourcing and blending
  • Pathogen and weed seed management
  • Feedstock management
  • Compost Production Equipment
  • Moisture, odor, vector and leachate management
  • Thermal, windrow, in vessel and aerated static pile management
Greenhouse Spinach Grown ONLY in Compost, No Fertilizer
Greenhouse Spinach Grown Without Fertilizer

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