The o2 Compost “Aerated Static Pile" systems have been developed specifically to compost the manure, bedding and waste, however we have found that it works perfectly to compost yard residues and food wastes. In fact, it is well suited for all small farms, institutions, colleges and O2 Compost Aerated Static Pile Composting zoos with livestock and virtually any place where organic wastes need to be converted into valuable compost. It is also ideal for homeowners and gardeners with large quantities of grass, leaves and weeds to compost and even summer camps with food scraps and waste paper. o2 Compost systems are completely scalable from very small backyard situations up to large composting facilities which produce thousands of cubic yards of compost per year.
The Micro-Bin
The Micro-Bins were designed to be inexpensive, portable and easily expanded. The kit includes a small electric blower - normally used to blow up large inflatable toys - and a timer used in the greenhouse industry. While these components are comparatively inexpensive, our tests have shown that they work extremely well for this scale of composting and should provide years of service. This training program may be all that a small farm needs to take full advantage of aerated composting. It may also serve as an inexpensive starting point to learn about aerated composting and then determine whether a permanently installed, larger aerated compost system is appropriate.
The compost bin is free standing and consists of 4-foot wide by 4-foot high plywood panels connected together in either 1) sets of four to produce a square box (2.4 cubic yards); or 2) sets of six to produce a hexagonal box (6.0 cubic yards). The materials for the plywood panels are purchased and assembled locally, based on our designs (six alternatives). The kit may also be used to retrofit existing, non-aerated compost bins.
Large Composting Systems
How O2Compost Systems Work

All O2Compost Systems utilize a three step process: 1) Filling the compost bin; 2) Active Composting; and
3) Curing.

1. Each compost bin is sized to accommodate 3 to 6 weeks worth of manure and soiled bedding.
The manure is added daily, and the airflow is started when the bin is full.

2. The Active Phase of composting is a bacterial driven process that generates heat. We utilize
this heat to destroy parasites, pathogens, and weed seeds in the mix. The active phase of
composting lasts approximately 30-days.

3. The subsequent Curing Phase is a fungal driven process that reduces the compost mix to a
more uniform, soil like texture. The curing phase takes approximately 30 to 60 days to
produce finished compost.
O2Compost systems are used to convert all varieties of organic wastes into a value added product, for
use on pastures and landscapes and for sale to local gardeners. With an emphasis on keeping it simple,
we have developed composting systems for every scale of operation and for every budget. The
O2Compost system that is best for your situation is determined by the volume of material that you will be
composting and your preference for a portable, semi-permanent or permanent system.
Advantages of O2Compost Systems
  • Produce finished compost in 60 days or less without turning the pile! 
  •  Eliminate adverse impacts to surface water and ground water; 
  •  Destroy parasites, pathogens and weed seeds in the finished product; 
  •  Eliminate offensive odors; 
  •  Significantly reduce flies, rodents and other pests; 
  •  Improve your animals’ health; 
  •  Eliminate the time and expense of off-site disposal; 
  •  Create a nutrient-rich product that is safe to use on pastures and gardens; 
  •  Earn a profit by selling your finished compost and create a return on your investment 
  •  Improve the value of your farm or business.

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