osfw logoWe are happy to offer a 5% discount off of all testing and services through the Earthfort (Soil Foodweb Oregon) laboratory. Compostwerks is able to offer this discount due to the high volume of testing done with the Oregon lab as well as our certified advisor status. The lab has done a good job with giving our work a higher priority with a faster turn around which had been averaging approximately 14 days.

In order to realize the cost savings and faster turn around of Soil Foodweb testing through Compostwerks, please carefully follow these instructions:

  •  Contact us and we will email the submission form to you. You must use our specific submission form in order to receive the 5% discount. Do NOT use the submission which is downloadable from the lab. Sorry, no exceptions.
  •  Please read the test description form.
  •  Fill out our submission as you normally would. Write your name in the sample ID location(s). Be sure to follow sampling instructions. 
  •  Mail sample(s) along with submission form via next day air (USPS or UPS). Our international clients must include this soil permit
  •  The test results will be emailed to you as soon as we receive them pending payment in full.


Certified Advisor

  • We cannot be held financially responsible for typographical errors in your submission.
  • You will be responsible for any unexpected expenses resulting from errors when entering the fields of information.
  • We cannot be held responsible for samples lost for any reason.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any loss of crops or plant material resulting from assay interpretation.
  • You are financially responsible for sample shipping costs.
  • Compostwerks makes no guarantees on test result turn around time.
  • Results will not be released without payment in full or prior payment arrangements. 
  • This discount can only be realized through the Earthfort (Soil Foodweb Oregon) lab.