50 Gallon Compost Tea Sprayer

$3,309.00 each

Modular (additional) Spray Tank
Ball Valves
Aeration System for Main Tank (12 Volt)
Compost Tea Aeration System for Modular Tank
Full Drain Option for Main Tank
Full Drain Option for Modular Tank
Air Gap Fill Line
Hand Cart for CT-50
Spray Gun Options
Root Feeder Option
Hose End Swivel

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Compact, lightweight, and inexpensive the CT-50 is ideal for small farms, orchards and estates. This sprayer can easily fit into a small pickup truck or virtually any utility vehicle. Alternatively, it can be mounted onto an optional hand cart which can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Over sized plumbing, diaphragm pump and properly sized strainer assure that your microbes survive the application process. We offer many features and options such as add on tanks, larger pumps and aeration systems (please see below).

Cleaning is simplified with easily accessible plumbing which requires no special tools to remove. The strainer assembly is also very easy to clean. Cleaning of the sprayer can be simplified further by taking advantage of our full drain option.

We offer aeration systems which will extend the useful life of your compost tea up to 8 hours. The aerator which is installed in the spray tank removes in seconds for cleaning. Please note that our aeration systems use a dedicated air pump and not a venturi system which can harm biology since venturi aeration systems can only work when the sprayer is running. Leaving a sprayer running all day can harm beneficial microbes.

Plan for future growth of your spraying operation with the optional ball valves. With these valves installed, adding a second spray tank literally takes minutes. Please see the modular tanks section below for all your options. 

{tab Standard Equipment}


CT-50 Standard Features

50 Gallon poly PCO style tank, jet agitation, 8" dia. fillwell


Honda 5.5 HP GX-160 with manual start


Udor Kappa 25/GR diaphragm pump with gear reduction unit, 7.5 GPM. 350 PSI


Hannay 1020-14-16 manual rewind


200 feet of 3/8 inch 600 PSI PVC turf hose


Powder coated black steel framework


Oversized strainer assembly with mounting bracket


{tab Optional Equipment}


CT-50 Optional Features
Modular Tank Available in 35, 50, 100, 150, 200, and 300 gallon sizes. Comes
equipped with heavy duty steel base frame, siphon and return lines
Honda 5.5 HP, Kappa 43/GR diaphragm pump (12.5 GPM, 560 PSI)
Honda 6.5 HP, Kappa 55/GR diaphragm pump (14 GPM, 350 PSI)
Honda 9 HP, elec. start, Kappa 55/GR diaphragm pump (14 GPM, 560 PSI) 
Honda 13 HP, elec. start, Kappa 75/GR diaphragm pump (19 GPM, 560 PSI)
Aeration System Comes with 12 or 120 Volt air pump, wiring harness, air lines, 
power switch, shroud and removable aerator mounted in tank
Hose Reel Several different models are available to accomodate larger
diameter hoses and hose lengths and electric rewind
Full Drain 5" Risers welded to base farme, full drain hardware mounted to bottom of tank
300 feet of 1/2 inch 600 PSI PVC turf hose
400 feet of 1/2 inch 600 PSI PVC turf hose
300 Feet if 3/8 inch 600 PSI PCV turf hose
400 Feet of 3/8 inch 600 PSI PVC turf hose
Air Gap Fill Line Available in 3/4", 1.5 and 2" models
Spray Guns
Green Garde JD9-C Spray Gun
Green Garde GES Spray Gun
Green Garde JD9-C style gun with trigger pattern adjustment
Udor Turbo Gun
Udor Turbine Gun
Udor Long Range Gun
Gun Accessories
Green Garde Root feeder with 2-hole tip
Green Garde HD-8 Root feeder with cup shield
Hose end swivel, heavy duty brass
Hand Cart
Easily transport CT-50 Compost Tea Sprayer by hand over mild terrain (see photo gallery)

{tab Dimensions}

skid dims     skid van  v300-labeled


table sprayer dims

* Clearance under the engine plate is 22".

* The V-300 ST tank orientation is front-to-back in the truck bed versus side-to-side on all other models.

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Compost Tea Sprayer with Optional Cart












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