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200 Gallon Compost Tea Sprayer

CT-200 Compost Tea Sprayer Compostwerks
CT-200 Compost Tea Sprayer CompostwerksCT-200 Compost Tea Sprayer In Truck Compostwerks
$4,138.00 each

Modular (additional) Spray Tank
Ball ValvesInformation
Aeration System for Main Tank (12 Volt)Information
Compost Tea Aeration System for Modular Tank
Full Drain Option for Main TankInformation
Full Drain Option for Modular TankInformation
Air Gap Fill LineInformation
Spray Gun OptionsInformation
Root Feeder OptionInformation
Hose End SwivelInformation



Our most popular model, the CT-200 Compost Tea Sprayer is well suited to larger landscape contractors, lawn care specialists, colleges, institutions, small farms and estate managers. Sized to fit between the wheel wells of full sized one ton pickups, it's efficient configuration still leaves plenty of room in the back of your vehicle for other equipment and supplies. Over sized plumbing, diaphragm pump and properly sized strainer assure that your microbes survive the application process. We offer many features and options such as add on tanks, larger pumps and aeration systems (please see below).

Cleaning is simplified with easily accessible plumbing which requires no special tools to remove. The strainer assembly is also very easy to clean. Cleaning of the sprayer can be simplified further by taking advantage of our full drain option.

We offer aeration systems which will extend the useful life of your compost tea up to 8 hours. The aerator which is installed in the spray tank removes in seconds for cleaning. Please note that our aeration systems use a dedicated air pump and not a venturi system which can harm biology since venturi aeration systems can only work when the sprayer is running. Leaving a sprayer running all day can harm beneficial microbes.

Plan for future growth of your spraying operation with the optional ball valves. With these valves installed, adding a second spray tank literally takes minutes. Please see the modular tanks section below for all your options.