Tea Seed Meal (50 lb bag)

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Tea Seed Meal, 50 pound bags. Available in bulk pallets (inquire).

Tea seed meal is the residue of tea seeds after camellia oil extraction and contains concentrated natural saponin compounds.

Application rates are 6-12 lbs per 1,000 square feet. This product is an easy to apply granulated crumb of tea seed meal, and will dissolve slowly after rainfall or irrigation. Subsequent irrigation, or rain, several days after application can continue to dissolve and activate the granule, moving the saponin ingredient deeper into the soil profile.

Saponin: 15%~18%
Moisture: ≤9%
Oil: ≤2%
Protein: ≤13%
Fiber: ≤12%
Organic Matter: ≥50%

This is not a pesticide and Compostwerks LLC does not imply control of any organism. Product of China.

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