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GeoTea Compost Tea Brewer with transfer pump
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GeoTea Compost Tea Brewers have been on the leading edge of compost tea brewing technology for years. Made for commercial duty, these machines are precision crafted and ruggedly constructed out of GeoTea Compostwerks Logodurable stainless steel and high quality components. GeoTea brewers are built to last - designed and manufactured for year after year of dependable service. Plus, they’re engineered to help you not only make great compost tea and liquid compost extracts, but to do it with convenience, ease and a quick, thorough clean-up.



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Geo Tea Brewer, Extractor Dome Detail CompostwerksThe most important element to this system is the Extractor-Dome. Air flows in through the top of the stainless steel tubing powered exclusively a Sweetwater High Efficiency pump.

The air exits at the base of the Extractor-Dome tube. This serves two purposes: Firstly, to agitate the compost and water sufficiently to cause a cauldron-like action which promotes microbial extraction: Secondly, the air pumped into the water at its specified depth oxygenates the mixture which is an essential factor for microbial reproduction and growth during the brewing cycle.

The agitation caused by the immense amount of air flowing into the tank extracts the microbes from the compost and into the water where they will have ample supply of food and dissolved oxygen.

After its full 24-hour brewing period, the GeoTea compost tea brewer produces a highly diverse and concentrated compost tea teeming with beneficial bacteria andGeo Tea compost tea brewer extraction system fungi and protozoa.

The blower has a rating of 2000 starting watts and 471 running watts.  Full load amps are 5.6.  Starting watts are the draw it takes for the first 8 - 10 seconds of start up.


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The GeoTea is equally well suited to produce high quality Liquid Compost Extracts, also known as LCE. It's a very simple process of filling the GeoTea with water and filling the extractor dome with compost. You may repeat this process as many times as you wish for the desired concentration of beneficial biology. The extraction process for each batch that is cycled through the extractor dome takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. 

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The GeoTea unit shown below is assembled and secured to a widely available 275 tank called an IBC Liquid Container, bulk liquid container or more commonly a bulk tote. First time setup of the GeoTea normally takes only 1/2 an hour with no special tools. All tools needed to assemble and clean the brewer are included. A print manual is not included, so click on the tab to your right to download a copy.GeoTea Brewer configured as shipped

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The GeoTea compost tea brewer comes with a high quality Sweetwater air pump, stainless steel framework, air line, stainless steel plumbing, extractor dome, cleaning kit, spare extractor bag, assembly tools and a kit of spare parts (o-rings and clips).
You must purchase the bulk tote (tank) separately, however these tanks are most likely available in your area. We can supply these bulk totes but they must be shipped via motor freight or picked up at our shop.
Excellent quality transfer pumps are also available for puchase separately. These special pumps will reduce the time required to fill your spray tanks. The plumbing of these pumps couples directly with most IBC tanks and is equipped with quick disconnects. Adapters are included to fit most applications.
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GeoTea machines are shipped worldwide using the best means available. In the continental U.S., that usually means we ship UPS. Because the GeoTea 250 is designed to fit on a standard, locally available tote or IBC, freight costs are relatively low, however totes that have been specially prepared to accept the GeoTea brewer are available via motor freight. The entire machine fits in a 14” x 14” x 41” sturdy corrugated box and weighs only 95 lbs. (110 lbs. or 50 Kg for the 50 hz. model) International shipments are generally shipped via DHL Express or BAX Global and will arrive within a few days of the date we ship. International customers will receive a freight quote before we ship. GeoTea machines and accessories are non-refundable. We carefully inspect all packages before we ship them. If, for some reason, the package arrives with missing or damaged parts, GEO will repair or replace the affected product expediently. All GeoTea machines are insured for their full value during shipment.

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Click here to download the GeoTea manual

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