Bone Char 50 Pound Bag (OMRI Listed)

Bone Char Certified Organic OMRI Listed
$55.45 each
Bone Char

Bone Char is calcined (burned) bone meal used primarily for water purification and refining sugar. Bone Char 0-16-0 contains more than 16% available phosphate (P2O5) and 32% total phosphate plus 33-34 percent calcium. It is OMRI listed and can be applied without restriction on certified organic farmland.
Bone Char 0-16-0 is currently less expensive than phosphate rock and significantly less is needed per acre to supply the same amount of available phosphate. The consistency of Bone Char 0-16-0 is fine, like table salt and its density is ~80 pounds per cubic foot.
Available in;
50 pound bags, full pallet is 50 Bags
One ton bulk sacks available
Whole Truck Loads
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