Probiotic Biochar Soil Amendment (34 pound box))

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34 pound bag, one cubic foot.

Our Probiotic Biochar Soil Amendment Recharges, Conditions, Inoculates, and Enhances Soil Health

50% Pure Biochar – 85% Organic Carbon & Balanced pH (~7.8)

50% Microbial Soil Inoculant – 20 Species of Beneficial Bacteria & 7 Species of Soil Mycorrhizae + Microbial Nutrients

Arthur’s Point Farm’s Probiotic Biochar Soil Amendment contains 50% pure biochar and a 50% microbial soil inoculant, designed to sustain long-term plant and soil health. The biochar is made on our farm via a thermochemical pyrolytic conversion from sustainably harvested trees and untreated waste wood from a local lumber mill. The microbial soil inoculant contains beneficial mycorrhizal spores and soil bacteria, with a range of nutrients and micronutrients to feed microbial growth. Mixing the biochar and the microbial soil inoculant (packaged separately) activates the microbial communities and enhances soil structure to boost the availability and uptake of plant nutrients.


  • Enhances soil structure, porosity, and water-holding capacity
  • Creates habitat for beneficial soil microbes to support vigorous plant growth
  • Sequesters carbon in the soil for thousands of years


  • Trees – planting> 60 new bare-root trees or amending existing trees
  • Gardens – amending 175 sq ft of new beds or 600 sq ft of existing beds
  • Compost – recharges and enhances 40-80 gallons of finished compost

Soil Amending Guaranteed Analysis:

Biochar – 50% by volume, produced from woody biomass via a thermochemical pyrolytic conversion

Live Beneficial Soil Mycorrhizae – minimum numbers of propagules per 0.5 cubic foot of microbial soil inoculant: Glomus intraradices (520); G. deserticola (48); G. etunicatum (48); G. clarum (48); G. claroideum (48); G. mosseae (48); Gigaspora albida (48)

Live Beneficial Soil Bacteria – minimum numbers of colony-forming units per 0.5 cubic foot of microbial soil inoculant: Arthrobacter globiformis (2.0×105); Azospirillum brasilense (2.0×106); A. lipoferum (2.0×105); Azotobacter chroococum (2.0×105); A. paspali (2.0×104); A. vinelandii (2.0×105); Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (2.0×106); B. atrophaeus (2.0×105); B. Licheniformis (2.0×105); B. megaterium (2.0×105); B. pumilus (2.0×104); B. subtilis (2.0×105); Brevibacillus brevis (2.0×106); Micrococcus luteus (2.0×105); Pseudomonas fluorescens (2.0×105); P. putida
(2.0×106); Rhodopseudomonas palustris (2.0×104); Rhodospirillum rubrum (2.0×104); Streptomyces griseus (2.0×104)


Microbial Nutrients* – 50% by volume, including: alfalfa meal, calcium carbonate, humic acid, kelp meal, mineralized volcanic ash, oat flour, soluble potash

*Microbial Nutrients are present to support the colonization and growth of beneficial soil mycorrhizae and bacteria

Activate product by combining raw biochar with the microbial soil inoculant in a 50:50 ratio using a bucket, wheelbarrow, or tarp in a well-ventilated area. Lightly wet combined materials and mix by gently folding the dry inoculant into the biochar. Dry amendment may become airborne, so we recommend wearing a mask while mixing. Once mixed, use within 24 hours or incorporate into compost for later use. Follow application rates below.

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