ICT Gluten-8 OLP

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Liquid corn gluten meal and organic source of Nitrogen


Concern over the long-term ecological effects of synthetic agricultural chemicals has led to increased efforts in the search for natural products. Liquid Corn gluten meal is a water-soluble product derived from corn gluten meal.

1 Tote of Gluten-8 will treat 25.25 acres and is the equivalent of 22,000 pounds of bagged CGM

One gallon treats 4000 sq ft, equivalent to 80 pounds of CGM

Very low nitrogen content at 1.5% N

Will not destroy your yearly nitrogen budget like CGM

Over 19 years of field trials by Iowa State University

Does not have to be watered in like granulated corn gluten meal

Exclusive formulation results from enzymatic hydrolysis of corn gluten meal and addition of a liquid carrier to provide an economical organic product for professional use. Made from EPA Section 25-b Exempt ingredients.

• Mix 1 - quart gluten-8 OLP with 3 - quarts water, 1 gallon of mixed product will treat 1000 sqare feet of turf or landscape

• 1 - gallon Gluten-8 OLP concentrate treats 4000 sq ft, Application Rates: 32 oz/1000
• 1 - Pallet contains 192 gallon containers and treats 768,000 square feet or 17.630 acres, call for discount on pallets