Pelletized Calcium Lime 50 Pound Bag

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Calcium Lime Pelletized is a finely ground then pelletized calcite lime that contains 35 percent calcium (49 percent calcium oxide, 87.5 percent calcium carbonate equivalent) and only 0.25 percent magnesium (0.42 percent magnesium oxide, 0.87 percent magnesium carbonate equivalent). 98 percent passes through a 20-mesh screen and 75 percent passes through a 100-mesh screen.

Application Rates:


Lbs/1000 Sq Ft

Lbs/100 Sq Ft

2000 50 5.0
1000 25 2.5
500 12.5 1.3

Available in;

50 pound bags

Pallets of 56, 50 pound bags

One ton bulk totes, tractor trailer loads (call)