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North Country Organics Pro-Gro 5-3-4
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Pro-Gro 5-3-4 is North Country Organics' premium general-purpose fertilizer that excels in every application. Pro-Gro 5-3-4 is aomri-listed-logo-black-high-res high nutrient blend of natural ingredients that plants and trees respond to with rapid and sustained growth, making it the most popular blend of nurserymen, landscapers, fruit and vegetable growers, and farmers.


Our lawn maintenance customers experience spectacular results with as little as two applications per year. This spring and fall combination builds thick and invasive root systems and healthy soils which naturally crowd out many weeds, while cultivating beneficial microorganisms that can decompose thatch and control harmful insects and diseases. Pro-Gro 5-3-4 is the fertilizer of choice for the Vermont State House lawn and gardens and for ANY professional lawn care expert who has tried it. Our free Professional Turf Care Program explains the use of Pro-Gro 5-3-4, Pro-Start 2-3-3, and Pro-Booster 10-0-0 along with tips on improved cultural practices.

Nurserymen and orchardists have a hard time explaining why a relatively low analysis organic fertilizer grows their trees faster and healthier than anything they've ever used before. They have begun to accept the notion that when the soil is nourished adequately, plants respond with a natural health and vigor that out-paces conventional methods of feeding. Without exception, it is the fertilizer of choice for anyone who has tried it on young trees.

Vegetables And Small Fruit 
Any growing plant produces better in healthy soils, no matter what kind or how much nutrient it is fed. Pro-Gro 5-3-4 pays attention primarily to the needs of the soil, providing the ideal conditions for productive crops. Ash tests suggest that organically fed food crops have a higher mineral content and lower nitrate content-making them more nutritious, better tasting, and giving them a better shelf life. Vegetables grown with Pro-Gro 5-3-4 are spoon fed the nutrient they need when they need it. Vegetable growers all around New England comment to us about the quality, color and yields they get from using Pro-Gro 5-3-4.

Farm Fields 
Our farm customers have commented to us that after every year of using Pro-Gro 5-3-4 their fields look thicker and yield better than ever before. They also notice that their soil is darker, richer and alive with earthworms (and much more that they cannot see). Why, they ask, am I getting so much from a fertilizer with an analysis that is one third of what I used to use? The answer is that 5-3-4, 15-8-12 or 20-20-20 mean relatively little when you are feeding the soil. Those numbers refer to plant nutrients, not soil nutrients. When you feed the soil it responds with life in the form of microorganisms. A handful of healthy soil contains more microorganisms than there are people on earth, each of which has a function that provides immeasurable benefit to the farmer. The 5-3-4 on the label can't even hint at the beneficial chain reaction that occurs when you begin to work with Mother Nature as opposed to against her.

Landscape Applications 
Although Pro-Gro 5-3-4 is normally recommended for landscape maintenance, many of our landscape customers use it for installations as well. Its slow release, non-burning formula increases the quality of the job long after the landscaper has left the site. For maintenance contracts, Pro-Gro 5-3-4 is unmatched in its ability to push lush green growth on trees, shrubs and lawns. Perennial and annual flowers grow stronger and with more blossoms with Pro-Gro 5-3-4. Because so many landscapers are using Pro-Gro 5-3-4, Pro-Booster 10-0-0, and Pro-Start 2-3-3 fertilizers, that category of customer is our largest. Whether it is used in gardens, lawns, orchards, nurseries or fields, Pro-Gro 5-3-4 improves the yield and quality of anything that grows.


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  Total Nitrogen (N)
    1.5% Water Soluble Nitrogen
    3.5% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
  Available Phosphate (P2O5)   3.0%
  Soluble Potash (K2O)   4.0%


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This product is blended from the following list of natural ingredients:
Natural Sulfate of Potash, Phosphate Rock, Colloidal Phosphate, Oyster Meal, Kelp meal, Greensand, Natural Sulfate of Potash/Magnesia, Vegetable Protein Meals, Animal Protein Meals, Natural Nitrate of Soda, Compost, and Dried Whey.

The density of Pro-Gro 5-3-4 is 50# per cubic foot.

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5 Pound Bags (case of 8)

25 Pound Bags (pallet of 80)

50 Pound Bags (pallet of 50)

One Ton Bulk Sacks

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