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Oat Flour 50 Pound Bag

Oat Flour for Compost Tea
$69.81 each

Oat flour is an excellent and cost effective fungal food resource. It can be used both as a compost tea ingredient and also as a preactivation substrate for compost. This is a food grade product. As a combined compost tea and preactivation ingredient, pound for pound, out flour has been economical and effective.

Compost Activation

Preactivation of compost which has a dominance of bacteria can help to create a higher balance of active fungi. When used as a preactivation substrate, we suggest gently mixing in thee cups of oat flour into a 5 gallon pail of compost. The pail should have numerous 1/2 inch holes drilled into the sides and the bottom to aid in sufficient aeration and gas exchange. Keeping the pail partially covered will help preserve moisture but also allow additional air circulation. Preactivation times can vary based upon compost moisture and temperature, however you should see the growth of fungal mycelium within 7 - 10 days under the right conditions.