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55 Gallon Compost Tea Brewer

100 Gallon Compost Tea Brewer Compost Extractor Machine
$970.00 each
Extraction Chamber

If you're looking for a low cost entry level commercial compost tea brewer, look no further. Our 55 gallon brewer is a very simple and efficient design with all of the elements of our larger compost tea brewers. We provide two air pumps, EX-2 Extraction System, silicone membrane aerator, tubing and a special graduated 55 gallon drum. Please click here for a sales brochure and further information.


All of our compost tea brewers feature a dedicated extraction system with its very own air pump. This system is driven by air to allow for gentle but efficient liberation of biology from the organic matter in the compost. There are no water circulating pumps which are prone to failure and leakage. These air pumps do not harm the fragile biology during the brewing cycle. Less compost is needed because the extraction is so complete.