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Compost Tea Aeration Systems

Compost Tea Aeration System
$432.00 each
Aeration System for Main Tank (12 Volt)


Keeping the biology in your compost tea active for extended periods of time can be challenging. This is why we have designed several different variations of aerators which fit the CT Series compost tea sprayers which help to extend the useful life of biological liquid amendments. These systems are completely adaptable to any hydraulically agitated sprayer, nurse tank or bulk liquid storage tank. 

We know that ease of cleaning is an important factor, so we've designed each of our aeration systems with a removable aerator. Attached to the inside of the tank with a cam lock,  removal of the aerator for cleaning is a simple one handed operation.

The usefulness of these aerators is not limited to keeping liquid amendments biologically active. Removal of chlorine from municipal water sources is easy as flipping a switch and normally takes 1/2 hour. Additionally, we've found that having the aerator switched on while adding hydrophobic materials reduces mixing time dramatically.