MycoApply® Injector Ecto Case (1,000 grams)

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MycoApply® Injector Ecto is a concentrated suspendable powder that contains propagules of multiple  species of ectomycorrhizal fungi on a soluble humic carrier. The ectomycorrhizal fungi colonize the root systems of plants in a symbiotic manner, expand out beyond the plant roots or rhizosphere region of the soil surrounding the plant roots to acquire nutrients and water, and actively deliver these resources to the plant’s vascular system.
Ectomycorrhizal fungi form symbiotic associations with many hardwoods, several nut trees, most conifers, and a variety of other woody plants, trees, and shrubs.OMRI listed rgb
Not yet registered for sale in California.
Suspendable Powder Formulation
5 species Ectomycorrhizae
Pisolithus tinctorius………25,000,000 propagules/g
Laccaria laccata…………….779,000 propagules/g
Scleroderma cepa………….3,800,000 propagules/g
Rhizopogon villosulus……6,900,000 propagules/g
Suillus granulatus…………1,196,000 propagules/g
37,675,000 Total Ectomycorrhizal Propagules per gram (17,089,078,600 Ecto Propagules per lb.)
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100 g. Bags (Case = 10 x 100 g. Bags)
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