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Sulfur (Granular) 50 Pound Bag OMRI LIsted

Granular Sulfur Tiger OMRI Listed
$29.00 each


Pure elemental sulfur is a vital secondary macronutrient that can be applied to deficient soils or in places where it is necessary to lower pH for acid loving plants. Sulfur is granulated for easy application through any type spreader.


Sulfur bacteria use sulfur as energy and create sulfate ions (SO4). Sulfate mixes with water to create sulfuric acid, which reacts with carbonates in the soil to make carbon dioxide and water. Removal of carbonates lowers pH. Soil temperature has to be above 60o for these reactions to occur because sulfur bacteria are inactive below that temperature.

Sulfur is either mined or derived from "sour crude oil", where the sulfur is separated by a heat process, not a chemical one. A small amount of bentonite clay is added as an anti-caking agent. There is no way to tell if the sulfur is mined or derived from "sour crude oil" as they are chemically identical and we are not able to get a supply of one and not the other.

It is not recommended that granular sulfur be used on bentgrass golf course greens.