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Soluble Humic Acid is potassium salt of the humic acid and also known as potassium humate. It OMRI listed rgbhas all the characteristics of humic acid and very similar to fulvic acid. However, it has not the disadvantages of traditional humic acid like insolubility, precipitation and/or solid separation after dilution.

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The bottom line is that humic acid serves as a complex food resource for beneficial fungi in the soil. These organisms fill a vital roll in breaking down nutrients into soluble forms which are available to plants. These soil fungi serve to sequester these nutrients so they do not leach when active plant growth is not taking place.
Humates improve soil texture by breaking up clay particles and creating pore spaces. Because of this, water holding capacity of the soil is improved.

{tab Benefits}

  • Water soluble, will not clog spray equipment
  • 60% Humic Acid content
  • 15% Fulvic Acid content
  • Great for fertigation or seed treatment
  • Reduced shipping cost as compared to liquid formulations
  • An all natural chelating agent   

At 75% Humic and Fulvic acid content, this product is more cost effective than the 12% contained in liquid formulations. Shipping liquids is enormously expensive with today’s rising fuel costs.

{tab Mixing Instructions}

Application Instructions:
Apply 1-7 pounds of reconstituted Solu-Mate diluted in water sufficient to cover 1 acre. Since this soluble powder is hydrophobic, it may be reconstituted by dissolving 1 pound of soluble powder into 1 gallon of water. The resulting solution is always further diluted with water sufficient for coverage and applied to foliage or soil. Repeat applications should be made at least 30 days apart and generally not exceed 6-9 pounds of soluble powder per acre a season. Although overdosing has not been known to cause plant damage, it is not cost effective. This pruduct may be directly added to a hydraulic sprayer as long as sufficient agitation can be assured. Agitation should continue until powder no longer floats on the surface of the water. Product can be used with a variety of sprayers such as misters, pump-up, backpack, hose-end, tractor sprayers and irrigation systems. As a compost tea additive, the addition of one pound of humic acid per 100 gallon batch is widely accepted. An additional pound of humic acidmay be added per 100 gallons once the compost tea has been transferred to the spray tank and diluted. This product is compatible with other organic substrates such as soluble seaweed powder, fish hydrolysate, molasses, rock powders, inoculants and soluble amino acids.

{tab Application Rates}

Application Rates:
Humic Acid Powder may be used in dry or liquid form. It is water soluble, compatible with most products and easy to incorporate into your existing liquid program. Soil/ lab tests are recommended for the most accurate application rates. When mixing Humic Acid Powder with other products, always be sure to read the product label and follow the mixing directions (a small compatibility test is also recommended). To make a 12% liquid solution we recommend using a simple venturi pump and tank mixing system or simply stir powder into water. 

For a 12% Humic Acid Solution; Add 1 lb of Soluble Powder to 1 US gallon of water. Mix throughly.

Humic Acid Powder has an indefinite shelf life when kept from moisture and humidity. Always reseal container after opening.

Application rates for mixed solution

Seed Treatment:
Apply 0.5 - 0.8 US gal in 25 US gal of water ( 2 - 3 L in 100 L) as a seed treatment or dip.

Apply 1—3 US gal of solution per acre (1 L in 100 L).

Pre-plant In-Furrow and Side dress Applications:
Apply 0.25 - 1.3 US gal per acre (5 - 12.5 per ha) by hand or broadcast in tank mixture with or following fertilizer applications.

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This product may not be available for purchase or authorized for use in every state. In addition, some states, countries and cities may require special licensing and training to sell, purchase or apply the product presented in this brochure. It is the responsibility of the distributor, retailer or professional applicator to verify before product sale/purchase, that the product is approved for the use intended in their city, state and country.

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Humic Acid is available in the following configurations;

50 pound bags

Full pallets:44 fifty pound bags

1,650 pound super sacks

Truck loads