Unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses (Case of Four One Gallon Jugs)

Unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses for Compost Tea
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Molasses can be a very useful ingredient for making actively aerated compost tea if used carefully. It is relatively easy to handle, dissolves in water quickly and is inexpensive when compared to other substrates.

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In lower concentrations, it is considered to be an excellent bacterial food resource which increases activity and biomass. At higher concentrations, many consider molasses to be a fungal food resource which can increase spore germination and hyphae elongation.

Always make sure your molasses is unsulfured. After all, sulfur is a very widely used fungicide and will harm your biology.

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We have found great value in its ability to quickly create bacterial activity in soils. Remember, without enough bacteria there will be insufficient food for protozoa. Without this relationship between bacteria and protozoa, nitrogen cycling would very limited and inorganic nitrogen would be required for acceptable plant growth. 

For direct soil application, the rule of thumb is not to exceed one gallon of molasses per acre for each season without a bio assay. For actively aerated compost tea, eight ounces per hundred gallons is widely accepted. 

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