MycoApply® EndoThrive (4 One Gallon Jugs)

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MycoApply® EndoThrive is the latest addition to Mycorrhizal Applications’ line of professional mycorrhizal OMRI listed rgbproducts.  This next-generation liquid formulation contains propagules of multiple species of endomycorrhizae, or arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) on a non-aqueous liquid carrier. These AMF colonize the root systems of plants in a symbiotic manner, expand out beyond the plant roots or rhizosphere region of the soil surrounding the plant roots to acquire nutrients and water, and actively deliver these resources to the plant’s vascular system.
MycoApply® EndoThrive is ideal for all horticulture and turf applications, as it is easy to dilute and apply via any method that fits a grower’s production protocol.  Offered in 1 gallon jugs, EndoThrive is designed with growers in mind and represents the latest technological advancements in mycorrhizal inoculant products for horticulture and turf.
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi form symbiotic associations with the roots of most horticulturally important crops. MycoApply® EndoThrive contains 5,760,000 propagules per pint of the following four endomycorrhizal species: Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae, G. aggregatum, G. etunicatum.
Concentrated Liquid Formulation
4 species Endomycorrhizae
Glomus intraradices, Glomus mosseae, Glomus aggregatum, Glomus etunicatum
720,000 Endomycorrhizal Propagules per Pint
Package Options:
4 Gallon Jugs (Case = 4 X 1 Gallon Jugs)
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