Amino Acid Powder OMRI Listed (50 pounds)

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Ferti-Nitro Plus Plant Nitrogen is a water soluble powder produced enzymaticallyomri listed rgb 1148305409 without animal by-products. 

Derived from non-GMO soy protein with a guaranteed minimum of 13.62% (up to 14.8%) plant available nitrogen ideal for nitrogen deficient crops and with a high amino acid content of 80%.

Non-toxic, non-polluting, and vegan plant nutrient. Recommended for organic agriculture use and as a chemical-free fertilizer perfect for environmentally friendly practices.

Benefits include:

  • 60-68 grams of readily available plant based nitrogen per pound.

  • No soil leaching, plant burn or salt accumulation

  • Organic, natural plant based form of nitrogen

  • Improves inorganic and organic nitrogen uptake

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Available in 50 pound bags and 1,225 pound super sacks