Pro-Booster 10-0-0

North Country Organics Pro-Booster 10-0-0
$42.86 each
Pro Booster

Nitrogen is a major component of life. The hormones, enzymes and chlorophyll in growing plants are all composed with nitrogen. Protoplasm, the living substance of plant cells, is comprised of 40 to 50 percent nitrogen (on a dry matter basis).

Plants require more nitrogen than any other soil-born nutrient. Unfortunately, unlike many other plant nutrients, nitrogen does not exist as a natural mineral in soil. Organic nitrogen from plant and animal wastes must be mineralized by soil microbes into nitrate (NO3) to be used by plants. The only known deposit of natural mineral nitrate on earth is in the Atacama Desert located in Northern Chile. It is mined for agricultural and horticultural use and is commonly known as Chilean Nitrate or Natural Nitrate of Soda.Pro-Booster 10-0-0 is a combination of vegetable protein meals (such as alfalfa meal, cocoa meal, cotton seed meal, kelp meal, peanut meal, and soybean meal), animal protein meals (such as blood meal, crab meal, dried whey, feather meal, and fish meal), and natural nitrate of soda that contains 10 percent total nitrogen. Pro-Booster 10-0-0 is a fast acting fertilizer with one third of its nitrogen immediately available (water-soluble). The organic nitrogen in animal and vegetable protein meals is 90-95 percent water insoluble and complements the Pro-Booster 10-0-0 mix with its slow release attributes. Pro-Booster 10-0-0 can be side or top dressed wherever extra nitrogen is needed.


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