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Ferti-Organic Fulvic Acid Powder

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Soluble Fulvic Acid is micronized water soluble powder that is organically derived from 100% plant material. This bionutrient has the unique ability of dissolving, converting and chelating trace minerals, making them readily and highly absorbable to the plant especially through the root system. Ideal for long-term organic use as a stable source of nutrient availability for plants and soil microorganisms. It supports a soil environments which improve structure through improvement in pore space and water retention. Packaged in 50 pound boxes or bags.

How It Works

Fulvic Acid does not immobilize calcium, making it efficient to apply on low calcium soils. Its capacity to penetrate the plants stomata permits the leaf to accept nutrients very rapidly in foliar applications. This low molecular weight humic acid binds to immobile and molecularly heavy minerals to then transport them into plant tissues for faster growth and bigger yields. Can be used for all plants in prepared soil/soilless mixes, coco blends and hydroponics.