We are proud to offer a comprehensive array of the highest quality forage and cover crop seed suited for a broad range of applications. Varieties that are chosen contain the highest levels of endophytes Catamount Logoavailable (endophytes are a natural fungi living within the cells of the plant that produce compounds toxic to most foliar feeding pests). Certain seed varieties requires 10 to 14 days notice to stock. Please plan ahead and order early. Pricing is approximate.


NCO Horse Hay Mix Untreated 50# $216.17

Millet, Japanese 50# $126.76
Field Peas (Organic) 50# $74.17
Meadow Peas, 50# $32.50
Orchardgrass, Athos (Organic) 50# $476.67
Orchardgrass, Potomac 50# $141.67
Orchardgrass, Tekapo 50# $152.50
Forage Mix T-A 50# $165.67
Forage Mix T-A (Organic) 50# $286.67
Forage Mix T-A-R  50# $177.67
Forage Mix T-A-R (Organic) 50# $316.67
Forage Mix T-A-R-A  50# $209.33
Forage Mix T-A-R-A (Organic) 50# $387.67
NCO Plow Down Mix 50# $165.67
Sudangrass, Sorghum 50# $124.17
Bromegrass, Smooth 50# $245.83
Bromegrass, Highland 50# $305.00

Timothy, Climax (Certified) #50 $147.50

Timothy, Climax (Uncertified) #50 $141.67

Timothy, Green MT #50 $179.17

Timothy, Tuuka (Certified) #50 $178.33

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice. Costs do not include delivery, shipping or handling. Kindly plan ahead and place order well in advance to avoid delays and additional handling costs. We cannot be held responsible for crop failures or delays in delivery for any reason.

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