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Professional Compost Tea Brew Kits (Bacterial)

Compost Tea Brew Kits
$19.00 each
Gallon Sizes

Our bacterial compost tea brew kits made specifically for the needs of all herbaceous plants, turf grass, annuals, most vegetables and legumes.
We make our compost specifically for compost tea brewing or for those who make liquid compost extracts. Our methods and protocols have resulted in consistently high numbers of beneficial soil microbes. Every batch of our compost is independent tested which qualifies microbial biomass and activity. We also test for the presence of e coli.


Pre-measured for all commercial compost tea brewers, our bacterial brew kits are formulated for early succession plants, ideal for all soils lacking in bacterial biomass and activity.
We offer an unparalleled diversity of beneficial soil biology in our professional brew kits. In addition to bacteria, there is also an abundance of fungi, protozoa, micro-arthropods and nematodes.
If a soil test is not available, we suggest that you order the fungal kits since they contain the best possible diversity in your actively aerated compost tea.