ECO-75 Compost Top Dresser

Eco-75 Walker Eco-Lawn
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$4,695.00 each

The ECO 75 Top Dresser Implement is unique in our line of broadcast top dressers. Our New Generation ECO 75 uses PTO drive, precise zero-turn technology, a comfortable seat and counterweight mechanisms for better weight distribution and stability. This makes handling heavier products feasible without sacrificing maneuverability or ease of operation.

This New Generation applicator was developed based on our own experience as lawn care professionals and also incorporates suggestions from our customers. It was designed to meet the need for a ride-on top dresser that makes topdressing turf practical and cost-effective. The ECO 75 spreader integrates features normally found in much larger top dressers into our own proven lightweight and maneuverable design.

  • The ECO 75's frame is supported by two heavy duty caster wheels to provide increased stability and still accommodate our conveyor/agitator/dual-spinner system for unparalleled performance.

  • The quick adjustment agitator belt tensioner system makes it easy to adapt on the go.

  • The New Generation hopper's wider live bottom, steep smooth sides, and large rounded corners and edges all work together to eliminate product bridging.

The New Generation ECO 75 Implement’s live bottom conveyor system transports material toward an agitator that breaks up clumps and moves the material consistently out the trap door. The material then drops onto dual reverse spin rotary disks that broadcasts the product onto the lawn in an even 180-degree pattern. The conveyor, agitator and rotary disk systems work together to handle product containing up to 65% moisture content.

Whether applying compost, sand, soil or a custom blend to existing turf, the ECO 75’s out-front design allows professionals to broadcast bulk material in a 180-degree forward arc, making topdressing quick, smooth and effortless.

Affordable, versatile, reliable, and easy to maintain, the ECO 75 Top Dresser Implement is in a category all its own. It is designed for both large residential and commercial properties.

ECO-75 Operation Manual

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