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EcoLawn Top Dresser ECO250 (Dual Spinner)

$6,295.00 each

Designed in 2015, the self-propelled ECO 250 reverse spin, dual-wheel broadcast system delivers a uniform spreading pattern with even the heaviest of materials, including sand, and pelletized materials.

The ECO 250 has a four-wheel design for increased weight distribution and stability, allowing it to handle more weight while not losing any of the original Ecolawn's valued maneuverability and ease of operation.

The Eco-Lawn Top Dresser is quite simply the most versatile and maneuverable self propelled top dresser on the market. This applicator will spread compost, natural fertilizers, lime, sand, corn gluten and even salt! This rugged machine will save countless hours of labor and dramatically increase your efficiency. 

Design Features

Design Features
At the design level, the Eco-Lawn Applicator is based on mechanical systems drawn from much larger top dressers that are used on surfaces such as sports fields and golf courses. The advantage is that this unit is completely self propelled and highly maneuverable, even up steep and uneven grades. Adjustments to the conveyor, rotary disc, agitator and drive systems are completely user friendly and only require very basic hand tools. There are multiple grease fittings which are easily accessible to assure long bearing life. This unit will easily fit through a standard 36 inch gate. Loading and unloading the Eco-Lawn Applicator from your truck is a simple one person exercise.