1,500 Watt Compost Tea Water Heater

1,500 Watt Compost Tea Water Heater
$389.70 each

As a commercial compost tea applicator, you may find a tremendous advantage in the ability to warm large quantities of water. This heater will be particularly useful early and late in the season when water is particularly cold.

Our commercial duty 1,500 watt, 12.50 Amp, 1.5 kW compost tea immersion heaters are UL Listed are equipped with a thermostat which is adjustable for calibration. The 12 inch element can be mounted in any position including up side down; however we do suggest mounting the heater in a location where it's easily accesible for cleaning. We also suggest taking measures to assure that the outside of the unit is not exposed to excessive moisture which can lead to premature failure.

As stated above, this heater will prove to be useful early and late in the season. During periods of the season that it's not in use, we suggest removing it from the brewer completely to avoid damage and accumulation of bio films.

A UL Listed grounded appliance cord is supplied and installed with a strain relief. We also supply a bulkhead tank fitting which is sized specifically for this application. You will need a hole saw in order to install this unit. Installation will take just moments with no specialized tools.


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