Compost Tea Extraction Chamber (small)

Small Compost Tea Extraction Chamber
$193.00 each
50 Watt Air Pump
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We have developed this apparatus to help dramatically increase the extraction of bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa and micro-arthropods from compost. These extraction chambers are equally suited for making actively aerated compost tea or liquid extracts of compost.

{tab Features}

These professional grade units fit into a tank opening from 8 to 15 inches in diameter and are 15 inches long. Our extraction chambers are driven with an optional auxiliary air pump in order to effectively extract the biology from the compost while making compost tea or liquid compost extracts. There are no moving parts or water pumps which can cause damage to the fragile micro biology.

The EX-2N/P Extraction Chamber offers a major advantage over traditional compost containment bags which do not have an internal air input. There are two air diffusers mounted at the bottom of the EX-2N/P which adds the energy required to extract the biology from the organic matter. This extra air input also increases dissolved oxygen levels within the brewer.

These extraction chambers should be driven with an additional air pump. It is best not to divert air away from the main diffusion system of the compost tea brewer.

{tab Cleaning}

Cleaning of the extraction chamber is fast and simple, requiring no special cleaners. A soft bristle brush and detergent are all that is required for to keep these units clean

{tab Construction}

The EX-2N/P extraction chamber features of an aluminum support framework to prevent the chamber from collapsing upon its self during the brew cycle. Clear 3/8" inside diameter PVC tubing connects the air pump to the air diffusers. There are two retainers at the bottom of the chamber which prevent the air diffusers from floating in the water. The optional air pump has ample capacity which imparts plenty of energy into the extraction chamber. Larger pumps are available for an additional cost.

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Small Compost Tea Extraction Chamber

Extractor in 200 gallon brewer







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