12" Compost Tea Air Diffuser

12" Compost Tea Air Diffuser
$50.07 each

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In order to impart dissolved oxygen into water at a minimum of 6 parts per million, diffused air for compost tea production has been used over many years.

The function of air diffusers break up a column of compressed air into smaller bubbles. This action creates more surface area in which gas exchange can take place. We have found that these air diffusers last at least two seasons of heavy use, provided they are cleaned on a regular basis. Because of the very small openings within the membrane, liquid cannot leak through with the air pump turned off unless the diffuser is damaged or worn.

We offer 12" rubber membrane air diffusers which can be used in a number of applications.

Compost Tea Air Diffuser Specifications
Dimensions 12" X 2.6" Dia.
Membrane EPDM
Nipple 3/4" Male NPT, Stainless Steel
Surface Area 0.5 Square Foot