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Green Garde HD-8 Root Feeder w/Cup Shield

HD-8 Green Garde Root Feeder with Cup Shield Compost Tea
$414.00 each

green garde

The HD-8 heavy root feeder is designed for commercial use. It allows for both surface flooding and sub-surface injection of a broad range of organic material including compost tea, liquid compost extracts and natural liquid fertilizers.


  • Designed for surface flooding and soil injection of liquids, including compost tea and liquid extracts of compost
  • Fits your JD9 and JD9 CT spray guns for greater in-field convenience (will not fit the GES gun)
  • Egronomic design which eliminates the need for a foot plate
  • Shield protects against splash-back of liquids from the soil onto the applicator
  • Body is vented to prevent dripping between holes
  • Hardened spray tip which will stand up to commercial use
  • Can be adjusted to compensate for operator's height, assuring less user fatigue
  • Allows for right or left handed usage
  • Made of tough aluminum. Easy to use with less effort and fatigue
  • Sturdily built with fully replaceable parts for a lifetime of heavy use