Green Garde Root Feeder with 2 Hole Tip

Green Garde Root Feeder With Two Hole Tip
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Built for rugged, long lasting commercial use. The 38919 root feeder threads onto the JD-9C spray gun. Equipped with 2 hole tip. This Green Garde root feeder is not attachable to GES gun.

The JD-9 spray gun in above image is not included in this kit.

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Soil inject any liquid from 2 to 10 inches in depth. Tough and long lasting zinc coated steel design.

Just remove the barrel from your JD9-C gun and thread this root feeding tube and you are ready to apply material directly to the roots of trees, shubs and flower beds. This unit comes complete with a tee handle and adjustable foot plate to allow your organic application of compost tea, liquid extracts and other natural materials with easy and efficiency.

  1. Zinc-plated adjustable handle and foot plate.
  2. Heavy duty steel pipe (schedule 80) construction.
  3. Ideal for pressure root feeding from 2 to 10 inches deep.
  4. 2-hole tip included . . . 3-Hole Tip Optional.
  5. Maximum Pressure 1000 PSI
  6. 2 hole tip will allows 3 GPM volume.
  7. 3 hole tip increases maximum volume to 4 GPM.


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Root Feeder Schematic