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Tote-Mate Compost Tea Sprayer

Inexpensive Compost Tea Extract Sprayer Built With IBC Bulk Tote Tank
$2,900.00 each

275 Gallon Tote with 6" Opening
275 Gallon Tote with 16" Opening

Introducing the Tote-Mate 200 spray system, designed to be attached to any liquid bulk tank which is equipped with a metal frame. At only 120 pounds, this compact sprayer is easily transportable and can be moved to different tanks as needed. Transporting this unit to multiple jobsites is a simple task and does not even require a truck. This versitile system can even be used as a transfer pump which quickly moves liquids from one tank to another.


The Tote-Mate sprayer is equipped with a 1 hp Honda engine equipped with a centrifugal pump, having a fully adjustable regulated pressure of 50 pounds maximum per square inch (psi). This will enable you to spray approximately 30 feet high with a properly equipped gun. This sprayer is equally useful for soil injecting organic materials or soil drenching lawns or vegatable crops. 

An efficient by-pass system assures that the liquid is being properly circulated in the tank. A two inch (2”) quick-connect coupling connects the pump siphon to the valve at the bottom of the tote. The bypass hose connected to the pump returns liquid back into the tank which creates sufficient agitation to circulate materials with high levels of particulate matter.

Another unique feature is the Tote-Mate sprayer's ability to be mounted at any side of the tank enabling either rear or side mounting. There is simply no other sprayer on the market with this feature.