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Grub Guard Predatory Nematodes (OMRI Listed)

Natural Organic Grub Control
$12.00 each
Grub Guard Nematodes

OMRI listed rgb

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Grub Guard is a mixture of two thoroughbred strains of nematodes called Steinernema and Heterorhabditis which parasitize and kill white grubs in lawns, ornamentals and many other plants.


These nematodes are refereed to as thoroughbreds because unlike most beneficial nematodes which are raised on a dog food-like substance, Grub Guard nematodes are raised on insects (in vivo). Although this process is more costly than rearing on artificial media (in vitro), we believe this technique produces a much more aggressive strain.

Unlike other nematode producers, Grub Guard uses two different strains of nematodes because of their different abilities. Steinernema sp. are shallow soil dwellers that occupy the top 1-3 inches of soil. These nematodes are ambushers and attach themselves to soil particles near the soil surface waiting for prey. Heterorhabditis sp. burrow down as deep as 5-6 inches, offering a secondary barrier to grubs that are emerging from or submerging into winter soil depths. Because Heterorhabditis sp. reside deeper in the soil, they are less susceptible to drought conditions. Heterorhabditis sp. are hunters that follow grub exudates through the soil .