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Alfalfa Meal Vermont Certified Organic

Certified Organic Alfalfa Meal
$29.10 each

A versatile and cost effective soil amendment, Alfalfa meal increases the biological activity in soils compost and also actively aerated compost tea. This Alfalfa is Vermont Certified Organic and meets NOP standards.


Alfalfa is a protein feed for livestock and offers the same benefit to organisms in the soil. It contains approximately 17 percent crude protein, which translates into 2.75 percent nitrogen. Alfalfa meal also contains fiber and other substrates that make it a diverse food resource for soil organisms.

As a compost pre-activation ingredient, we suggest adding 4 cups per 5 gallon pail of compost. The pail should have numerous 1/2 inch holes drilled into the sides and the bottom to aid in sufficient aeration and gas exchange. Keeping the pail partially covered will help preserve moisture but also allow additional air circulation. Pre-activation times can vary based upon compost moisture and temperature, however you should see the growth of fungal mycelium within 7 - 10 days under the right conditions.