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Cheep-Cheep 4-3-3 (50 Pound Bag)

North Country Organics Cheep-Cheep 4-3-3
$19.93 each

A single ingredient, all purpose organic fertilizer at a significantly lower cost.

Cheep Cheep is a single ingredient, all purpose organic fertilizer from North Country Organics designed to fulfill the needs of certified organic growers and ecological land care professionals at a significantly lower cost.omri-listed-logo-black-high-res

Cheep Cheep, as the brand implies, is made from dehydrated poultry litter and is competitively priced. Cheep Cheep is a consistent, dust-free, granular product that flows well and dispenses through any style of spreading equipment. It contains essential micronutrients and 60% organic matter. 25 lbs. of Cheep Cheep 4-3-3 provides 1 lb. of nitrogen, ¾ lb. of phosphate, and ¾ lb. of potash.. 

Cheep Cheep 4-3-3 is a complete, all natural biologically active organic fertilizer providing essential primary plant nutrients in a natural, slow-release form, for healthier plants with less leaching of nutrients. It is an excellent source of primary nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium), important secondary nutrients and trace elements present either as organic complexes or in a less water soluble slow-release form. With regular applications of Cheep Cheep 4-3-3, intensive use of turfgrass and garden areas are more tolerant of stressful conditions such as traffic, heat, water, or wind stress.

This product is tested frequently throughout the production process to ensure the material is free of harmful pathogens or toxins. It is safe for the environment, the sportsman, and the groundskeeper when used at recommended rates. Cheep Cheep 4-3-3 contains no chemical additives or binders. This fertilizer is approved for use on certified organic farms.


Turf Establishment
Cheep Cheep 4-3-3 organic fertilizer can be used as a starter fertilizer when establishing a new lawn. On bare earth, spread 25 pounds of Cheep Cheep 4-3-3 per 1,000 ft2 and incorporate into the top two inches of the soil. If poor soil conditions exist, also incorporate ¼ - ½ inch mature compost for soil improvement. Rake the area smooth and seed or sod on top of amended soil. Roll finished area and water regularly until the turf is established.